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Jewellery Afrika proper noun
A brand synonymous with providing a host of curation services for the Afrikan and Afrikan-inspired jewellery community.
  • They realised the only way to boost their brand and gain traction was through Jewellery Afrika.
Areas we offer through our curated packages:

  • live curation feeds

  • Social media campaigns

  • Newsletter advertising

  • WhatsApp business platform

  • Press and media services - Afrikan and global

  • Promotional, marketing and POS materials as well as corporate ID collateral

  • Jewellery show representation

Any one or a combination of these can be quoted on individually. You pay exactly what YOU want to suit your budget.

To secure your 'Brand Curation' contact:

Josie Lehy -  / 062 513 2431


curate verb


to be in charge of selecting and caring for objects to be shown in a museum or to form part of a collection of art, an exhibition, etc.:

  • She curated a recent exhibition of Afrikan artwork.


to be in charge of selecting films, performers, events, etc. to be included in a festival:

  • an Afrikan festival curated by globally-renowned Jewellery Afrika.


to select things such as documents, music, products, or internet content to be included as part of a list or collection, or on a website:

  • a curated library of Afrikan jewellery available online

And that's what we LOVE doing!

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