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Tuesday's Child Jewellery

Set sail for the fairest Cape in South Africa, weigh anchor and meet Jane Merrifield's Tuesday’s Child Jewellery brand. Jane herself was third-placed winner in the 2020 Plat Africa Awards!

Tuesday's Child jewellery can be described as organic, unique, quirky, strong and evolving. From fantastic oceanic-inspired pieces to innovative and unique geometric designs, the shapes, colours and textures which Jane has created have fast become highly sought after pieces.


Each unique nature-inspired piece seeks to make the wearer feel a connection with nature, whether it’s just a whimsical enjoyment of the playfulness of a tentacle ring, or strength they take from the facets of rocky faced geometric rings.


"I hope they attach their own personal meanings to the jewellery as well, to make it their own and carry along with them as a symbol of hope, inspiration or just plain joy," says Jane.


Jane Merrifield

+27 72 545 5815

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