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#togetherinjewellery #empower #community

Hello Jewellery Afrika community!

I braced - and braved - the seasonal cold Jozi weather recently and met a friend for a cuppa at my local Mugg and Bean. She summed it up as being “particularly brutal” this year.  I concurred. But here at Jewellery Afrika, the forecast is guaranteed to lift your spirits and vanquish those winter blues.

As a new initiative and integrated online platform and jewellery hub, we are thrilled about the incredible – and ongoing – support, encouragement and enthusiasm from the Afrikan continent and global jewellery communities. THANK YOU to all.


Our social media and web statistics reflect an exciting, dynamic and intensely busy three-month period. Our performance is indicative of, and intertwined with, a highly proactive jewellery community and public, which places a much-needed emphasis and focus, on Afrikan and Afrikan-inspired jewellery, talent and business.

Our journey has just begun! May we all continue to inspire and create.

#togetherinjewellery #empower #community

Jason Aarons

Founder and Curator

Jewellex featured by Jewellery Afrika

Jewellex Afrika returns #southafrica

’Building Relationships and Generating Business’

The Jewellery Council of South Africa (JCSA) will be hosting Jewellex Africa 2023 for the first time since 2019, at the Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg, South Africa on the 3rd and 4th of September 2023.

The show will be held on a smaller scale and will allow suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and service providers to sell to the trade only. 


For more information, stand bookings, costs to exhibit and available sponsorship opportunities click here to send an email.

Into Afrika 


How to help Africa develop more

billion-dollar startups

"African governments need to work on market

integration if the continent is to facilitate the

growth of its fintech sector", says Dare Okoudjou,

founder and CEO of pan-African payments company

MFS Africa. Source 

Retail trends: now is not the time to put your head in the sand
"At the end of last year at the GIBS South African (SA) Retail Industry Conference the consensus was that innovation, flexibility and agility would be in the driver's seat this year," says Mike Smollan, chief growth officer at Smollen writing for Source 
West Africa: A Nigerian brand known as Polo Luxury has continued to dominate the luxury goods market with its series of fine jewellery in West Africa. Source

Conditions ripe for idea of an African credit rating agency 

To date, 32 African countries have received a sovereign rating from at least one of the 'big three' agencies. But policy makers are increasingly dissatisfied with their approach and methodology. Source

DRC hopes to inspire peace through fashion

A fashion show in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo hopes to inspire peace and creativity in a conflict-ridden region. Source

Nigeria: Wizkid set to launch jewellery line

Grammy-award-winning Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, aka Wizkid has announced plans to own a jewellery line. 


Jewellery Afrika map

Calendar #savethedate



05-07: FASHEXPO, Nairobi, Kenya

28-29: Port Harcout Fashion Week Show, Nigeria


25-27: Africa Fashion Week, Amsterdam


03-04: Jewellex Afrika, Johannesburg, South Africa

12-14: Lagos Fashion Fair, Nigeria


23-29: Africa Fashion Week, London


01-04: MTC Windhoek Fashion Week

03-06: ASGW Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

To include your event on our calendar, email

Exhibition branding - your walking billboard  #beseen


Exhibitors brand themselves with customised T-shirts, bags, caps, pens, memory sticks, mobile phone covers, carrier bags, water bottles and other smart items to promote their brand and create a memorable experience for attendees.


This is a common practice in trade shows and exhibitions, such as South Africa’s Jewellex Africa 2023 show from 03-04 September for example.

Both your own staff and representatives,

along with every visitor, can become

walking advertisements - mobile

billboards if you will - attracting attention

and generating interest in your brand and

your exhibition stand. Moreover, they act as

conversation starters, initiating meaningful

interactions that can potentially lead to

valuable business prospects.

African Jewellery featured by Jewellery Afrika
Jewellery Afrika logo

Visual: Pinterest


Visual: Pinterest

African Jewellery featured by Jewellery Afrika

Visual: Pinterest

For more information on how to make your branding standout at shows, expos, trade fairs - local and global -

email Jason Aarons,

Focus: Gem Legacy - a preview   #upliftment


Gem Legacy is a non-profit charity dedicated to creating lasting benefits in east African coloured gemstone mining regions.


Focusing on children, education, and entrepreneurship, they uplift communities through scholarships, healthcare, and educational opportunities. By building schools, providing resources, and offering training, they empower the next generation and foster economic growth.


Gem Legacy's work illuminates a path to a brighter future, transforming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. Through their dedication, they harness the power of gemstone mining to create positive change, leaving a lasting legacy of hope and opportunity in these vibrant east African communities.

Full feature by Niyati Mendapara, our
global curator coming soon! 

Jewellery Afrika
African Jewellery ad opportuntites Jewellery Afrika

'Brand curation' launched with special
'PIONEER' rates 

Jewellery Afrika's 'Brand Curation' website page provides a compelling and vital space for you to make your jewellery  brands, services and marketing/advertising initiatives shine - giving you more traction, reach, impact and share-of-voice in Afrika and globally. Choosing 'Brand Curation'

is a really smart decision.


To secure your 'Brand Curation' advertising slot and receive our media kit, contact:

Josie Lehy -  / 062 513 2431


Example size options (not to scale)

Jewellery Afrika African jewellery ad

Let us APPLAUD!   #encore

Jewellery Afrika community!
Put your hands together for our three favourite monthly posts from our online platforms.

#togetherinjewellery #empower #seelovewear

Left to right: 

Tribal Knotz,

South Africa

Margaux Wong Art, Mozambique

Zea Design Jewellery,


African Jewellery featured by Jewellery Afrika
African Jewellery featured by Jewellery Afrika
African Jewellery featured by Jewellery Afrika

What some of our stats MEAN

Our social media and web pages are active daily platforms, so we ensure you get accurate information at any time. We believe in transparency and our latest, up-to-the-minute statistics are available on request. These are verified by official Meta Business Suite

and Wix SEO Reports and Insights. 

Jewellery Afrika web site
  • Most visitors can see text/images on our mobile site within 2.2 seconds. That's much faster than most sites in our category and can translate up to 70% more session  engagement.  As of 2023, the average load time for most websites on mobile devices is approximately seven seconds*. So we're justifiably proud of the pace at which our site delivers content and advertisers' brand support/advertising.  *

  • Our web site's Top 10 viewing countries are all Afrikan nations while 80% of its Top 10 viewing cities are Afrikan cities.  So we're spot-on in achieving our aim to promote/celebrate Afrikan and Afrikan-inspired jewellery, talent and business on the continent. 

  • We have a 93% new visitor rate to our site with 46% of visits being driven via social media. Promoting our  business to bring new visitors is a meticulously planned and well-executed series of activities. Along with innovative approaches, the buzz we create means more traction for your brand curation on our site.

Jewellery Afrika Facebook
  • Our page reach is 70 602 as at 23 June 2023. Page Reach is one of the most important social media Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for marketers. It’s a metric that helps you determine how successful our social media page is by indicating the number of people that have seen our page in a specific time frame. Highly significant to advertisers advertising on our page.

  • Our post reach is 7 700. This is the total number of people who saw a particular Facebook post from our Page in their Facebook news feed. Why it's important? It gives you an idea of how recognisable our brand is on socials and where our most devoted followers are. It's also a more accurate number of how many people are actually seeing our content than followers.

  • We have 3221 followers across the Afrikan continent and globe - an average gain of +1000 per month over the last three months. Our content, approach and ethos are striking the right chord.

  • 83.4% Of countries viewing our Facebook page are Afrikan nations.  This is the community we serve, so we're positive you'll be just as assured your brand is reaching the right market.

Jewellery Afrika Instagram
  • 216 004 Impressions: impressions on Instagram are a valuable metric that can help you measure your brand awareness by tracking how many times users see posts or ads from your business. By keeping an eye on impressions, we can evaluate - on advertisers' behalf - how many times your audience sees your posts and compare it to your sales and conversions to help determine the overall success of your campaign.


  • Our Instagram reach is 106 556 which  indicates the total number of unique Instagram accounts that have seen our  posts or stories! An excellent metric for advertisers, brand supporters and unique campaign managers to consider.

  • Jewellery Afrika's engagement rate on Instagram is 3.5K.  By Instagram engagement rate, we’re talking about our follower’s loyalty level within this social network. It’s not about the number of fans that our profile has but about the degree of involvement, interest and interaction that our followers show towards our photos, videos, Instagram stories, reels  and any other content

Jewellery Afrika African jewellery ad
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