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Of palm trees and

shortcuts  #makingitwork

I found myself sitting in the garden on a beautiful

October afternoon in Jozi, wondering about the oddly misplaced palm tree in my neighbourhood. It brought to mind thoughts of glorious Afrikan beaches, lush green vegetation, coconut milk and the soft, soothing sounds of the ocean. All rapidly vanquished by a gang of raucous Hadedas sitting atop it!  


It was then I recalled a wonderful Afrikan proverb: 'There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree.' And that's what I needed to get this note truly penned!  


Jewellery Afrika is an incredible example of tenacity, grit, determination and above all, a deep-rooted passion for Afrikan and Afrikan-inspired jewellery.  We have taken no shortcuts, made no excuses, met obstacles head on, turned around at dead-ends and discovered better ways to navigate; found inspiration and ideas to keep forging ahead and continued to climb our own unique Afrikan 'palm tree'


We've listened, we've heard. And we're evolving in a way YOU would like us to. Your support and feedback has been incredible and we're sure you will be just as thrilled as we already are, with the new offerings coming before year-end and into 2024!


Be you, always! 



The big 

Issuu logo.png

Great news! Our issuu profile is now active! Moving ahead, all our statistics, marketing and curation news, online developments, press releases will all be accessible on issuu for you to access at any time. Follow us here and bookmark us in your browser too.


Gems of Afrika! 


R (1).png

Congratulations and celebrations to the incredible South African Springbok rugby team who emerged victorious this past weekend as winners of the World Cup Rugby 2023 tournament ! Afrikan champions that make us extremely #proudlyafrikan! 

In the week leading up to the final we changed our logo colours to the green and gold of the ZA team. And they're a striking colour combination for jewellery too!


We joined the celebrations with some 'Bokke' themed pieces and chose three fun designs to represent each of the last three winning games leading up to, and including, the fantastic final!


lady hope.png
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Jewellery Afrika partners with Lynne Wilson Digital Marketing


We are extremely fortunate to be partnering with one of Africa’s most dynamic, now-focused and moreover, future-forward thinking digital marketing companies - Lynne Wilson Digital Marketing. For the full story and what you can look forward to, click HERE.

Partnership opportunities

Jewellery Afrika is continually expanding its media alliances, collaborations and partnerships across the continent and globally.  But what does this mean to YOU as an industry organization, a global sister-industry publication/brand, editor, feature writer or synergetic business? Find out more here.

Stats visual.png

It's official! #gofigure


Our latest official social media statistics - as provided by Meta Business Suite -  are now available on our newly -established issuu profile. Our immense gratitude and thanks goes out to YOU all and indeed our community supporters in Afrika and beyond. You have been key to helping us achieve so much.

Q4/2023 figures will include our issuu platform itself, web site and LinkedIn ptofile.

View here 


FB Audience by Age as at 15-10-2023.png
Facebook Audience  - Gender as at 15-10-2023.png
Insta Audience by Ageas at 30-09-2023.png
Insta Audience - Gender as at 15-10-2023.png

Fancy a cuppa?  #rooibos

Rooibos Red is going to be huge in 2024 – and more than just a cuppa tea!

In the coming months, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the colour Rooibos after Pantone LLC – the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries – chose the Rooibos Pantone® among 2 390 colours as one of the top 10 standout colours of 2024.

The amber Rooibos colour is described as “warm and inviting . . . will evoke confidence, along with emotions of warmth, comfort, optimism, energy and passion.” And just look at how it offsets against other hues! We love.

We can’t wait to see what original and terrific jewellery pieces our continent is going to bring to our global jewellery community!

rooibos red.jpg

We heard and we've listened!  #excitingthingscoming


Jewellery Afrika Community! THANK YOU for the ongoing ideas, suggestions and requests on how you would like Jewellery Afrika to emppower you and your jewellery brands and indeed, retail jewellery experiences. We've heard you! We've listened. And we have something fresh and exciting launching 10 days before Black Friday! So follow and like us on all our social media pages!

Calendar #savethedate

Include your event in our calendar, email


Until 20 December: Art Jewellery Exhibition, presented by the Jewellery Village. Visit Shop 79, Montecasino, Fourways, South Africa


23-29: Africa Fashion Week, London


01-04: MTC Windhoek Fashion Week

03-06: Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week (ASFW), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

13-16: Africa Tech Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

14-16: Africa Com, Cape Town, South Africa

15-17r: Morocco FashionTex Style, Casablanca, Morocco

18: Beads and Culture Workshop, Bat Centre, Durban, South Africa. Book here


01-03: Swahili Fashion Week, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

15-25: Tunisian Furniture, Decoration and Crafts Fair, Sfax, Tunisia

beads workshop.jpeg
beads workshop.jpeg
beads workshop.jpeg

What’s up ‘brew’? #homeground

Jewellery Afrika was introduced to Zimbabwean Eric Dube recently. And his story has an interesting and rather fortuitous homegrown ‘flavour’.


Eric started out as a plumber and around 2016 received a call out to Urban Grind Roasters in Fourways, Johannesburg. He became instantly intrigued with the concept of becoming a barrister, speciality coffees, the art of making coffee to the marvellous coffee machines!


He shared his passion with Urban Grind Roasters and asked if they would send him for barrister training – and they did! He qualified with flying colours and remained with the roastery for six years until July 2022 when he then joined – and is now based – Mini Coffee Co in Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg.

When Eric started as a qualified barrister, he noticed how many coffee beans inadvertently ended up on the floor and started sweeping them up. But not to throw away. His own creative ‘blend’ of ideas took hold.

He used these beans to make stunning ‘coffee bean’ necklaces of the African continent – combining green, medium, light and dark varieties. How incredible are they?

We applaud Eric for his ingenuity and homegrown talent and are certain he has definitely put Afrikan coffee on the map in a unique way!

For more information on the ‘Coffee Bean Necklace’ email us on

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The Future Awards 2023 #glitzandglam


Celebrities, influencers, and more gathered at the Balmoral Hall, Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria, for The Future Awards Africa 2023. The event, themed 'Defying Odds, Inspiring Greatness,' was dedicated to honouring remarkable young Nigerians aged 18–31. 


It celebrated outstanding achievements across various fields, from medicine and cinema to journalism and engineering.

Among the remarkable individuals celebrated at this spectacular event, one name that stood out was the fabulous fashionista VeeKee James. And not only did she steal the show, but she also claimed the coveted prize for fashion!


Visuals with thanks and acknowledgment The Future Awards Africa | BN Style (

Screenshot 2023-10-25 204249.png
Screenshot 2023-10-25 204125.png
Jewellery Afrika proper noun
A brand synonymous with providing a host of curation services to empower the Afrikan and Afrikan-inspired jewellery community.
  • They realised the only way to boost their brand and gain traction was through Jewellery Afrika.

  • Social media campaigns

  • Newsletter advertising

  • WhatsApp business platform

  • Press and media services - Afrikan and global

  • Promotional, marketing and POS materials as well as corporate ID collateral

  • Jewellery show representation

To secure your 'Brand Curation' contact:

Josie Lehy -  / 062 513 2431

curate verb


to be in charge of selecting and caring for objects to

be shown in a museum or to form part of a collection of

art, an exhibition, etc.:

  • She curated a recent exhibition of Afrikan artwork.


to be in charge of selecting films, performers, events, etc.

to be included in a festival:

  • an Afrikan festival curated by globally-renowned Jewellery Afrika.


to select things such as documents, music, products, or internet content to be included as part of a list or collection, or on a website:

  • a curated library of Afrikan jewellery available online

And that's what we LOVE doing!

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