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Niyati is a dynamic professional with an illustrious career spanning over 6+ years in the jewellery industry. What started as a humble journey as a designer has evolved into a multifaceted role as a strategist, consumer researcher, and entrepreneur.


Niyati's profound love for design and creation flourished into an enduring passion for jewellery after completing her Bachelor's degree in Accessory Design from NIFT, India. Fueling her quest for knowledge and innovation, she pursued a Masters in Business Design from Domus Academy, Italy, which equipped her with a holistic understanding of the industry.


Throughout her career, Niyati embarked on a captivating exploration of diverse countries, immersing herself in their people, places, and cultures. It was during this voyage that she discovered the true essence of creation—the transformative power of jewellery. Niyati came to appreciate the emotions it holds, the stories it tells, and the profound expressions it enables. Every piece of jewellery, she believes, mirrors the artisans who craft it and resonates with the wearers who cherish it.


With an astute eye for jewellery trends and an acute understanding of global markets, Niyati has made significant contributions as a researcher to The Jewellery Trendbook, editions 2020+, 2021+, 2022+, and 2023+. Having worked extensively in India and Europe, Niyati has now established her base in Canada.

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