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One of a kind, handmade designer jewellery defines the uniqueness and beauty of all Anstruza.

Founded by owner Anneliese Lubowski, ANstruza's creations combine her African roots with the soft beauty of the many places Anneliese has travelled and lived in.

"My pieces are all one of a kind, handcrafted creations, mostly inspired by nature but also by all the different facets of humanity. I believe in the energy of stones and that each piece will find the home where it belongs," she says.

"Being a silversmith enables me to connect to all aspects of my being, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, sometimes I have a fire inside and sometimes I connect with the cool flow of water, sometimes all I need is to be in nature, to feel it, to smell it and to absorb it."

+27 (0)83 460 5470

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