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Hello Jewellery Afrika community!


On considering 'community':

Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won’t eat you. ~ African proverb

A single bracelet does not jingle' ~ Congolese proverb.

In the world of sparkle and allure, where creativity knows no bounds, our jewellery industry thrives not just on precious stones and metals, but on the bonds which tie us together as a community. It's with great pleasure that the significance of 'community' embraces our latest newsletter in myriad ways, and always, in our social media and extended platforms.

A community is a haven of shared passion, where artisans, designers, and enthusiasts unite to celebrate the artistry that adorns our lives. It's a place where ideas are exchanged, skills are honed, and friendships are forged. In an industry where every piece holds a story, it's the collective stories of countless individuals that create a tapestry of inspiration.

From mentorships that illuminate paths, to collaborations that birth masterpieces, this community fosters growth and innovation. It provides solace in times of challenge and multiplies the joys of triumphs.


In every stroke of the hammer and every twinkle of a gem, we find the heartbeat of a community that reminds us of the beauty in unity. As we continue to explore the world of jewels, let's cherish the people who make this industry truly precious – each other.

Jason Aarons

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

PS: If you're particpating in, or visiting the Handmade Contemporary Fair - 01-03 September at Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, ZA - I'll see you there!  And if you're exhibiting at Jewellex Africa 2023  in ZA next month (03-04 September), I'll be there too. Plus at the Jewellex Business Breakfast, where I look forward to connecting.

Into Afrika 


The Forbes 50 Over 50 List of

Africa’s Female Powerhouses was

published earlier this year. This was

their first-time compilation of 50 women

over the age of 50 scaling newer heights and

inspiring the next cadre of leadership on the

Afrikan continent. If you missed itclick here.

The best Afrikan countries for work-life balance 

Across the globe, people are increasingly aware of the importance of life-work balance. But which countries are leading the way in prioritising life over work? In Afrika, South Africa leads the list with an impressive index score of 57.78. Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Angola, and Nigeria also feature, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing fulfilled and contented workforces. Source

           Gambia: handicrafts dealers anticipate better tourist season
Handicraft vendors within the Greater Banjul Area are anticipating a better season ahead of the 2023 tourists' season. Majority of handicraft artisans are small scale operators, who mostly derive their income from The Gambia's tourist industry.  Source
           SA Innovation Summit 2023: Igniting Africa’s Innovation Frontier
Over 3000 innovators are expected to gather in Cape Town on 27 – 28th of September. Africa’s tech landscape is ripe with opportunities for local startups, presenting the potential for tremendous growth and innovation. Source

          Vanguard chats to Mark Aniogor, CEO of Markdajeweller Ltd

Mark Aniogor, CEO of Markdajeweller Ltd (in Nigeria) says his mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and unique pieces of watchmaking and elegant jewelry art. Source

          Top 10 richest cities in AfrikInvestment migration consultancy Henley & Partners has published its annual ranking of African cities with the most wealthy residents in its Africa Wealth Report, in collaboration with New World Wealth. Source

Let us applaud   #encore

Jewellery Afrika community!
Put your hands together for our three favourite monthly posts from our online platforms.#togetherinjewellery #empower #seelovewear


Jewellex Afrika: terrific response - all stands sold out! #success

Screenshot 2023-08-10 221634.png

Dates and times

Sunday, 3 September 2023:10h00-18h00

Monday, 4 September 2023: 09h00-16h00


Venue: The Wanderers Club, 21 North St, Illovo, Johannesburg, South Africa

Email:; Elsa da Silva at or Darryl van der Linde at
Tel: +27 (0)11 484 5528

Jewellex is open to trade visitors only. 

"The response has been overwhelming and I’m confident that the show will be sold out," said Lorna Lloyd, CEO of the Jewellery Council of South Africa (JCSA) in a recent interview with its official publication SA Jewellery News (August 2023 issue). And she had good cause to be: the show is sold out!

Jewellex hasn’t been held since 2019, due to COVID-19. This will be the first opportunity for the trade to get together with old friends and colleagues with whom they usually wouldn’t meet up, except at a show like Jewellex. It’s a great occasion to rekindle those relationships and do business,” she told SAJN.

What will be exhibited?

Jewellery, diamonds and gemstones, coins, refining services, software, secure shipping and logistics, jewellery cleaning, watch accessories and clocks, findings, tools and equipment.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 230744.png

Think you know diamonds? Meet Lily James in Botswana

Follow the life-changing journey of the Natural Diamond Council's (NDC) Global Ambassador. Story by Jessica Iredale for the NDC. Photographs: Molly SJ Lowe. Video: Carbone Productions. With many thanks and acknowledgment to the Natural Diamond Council

Screenshot 2023-08-10 233000.png

Good to know   #stayintheloop

Gold demand trends Q2 2023 Central bank buying slowed in Q2 but remained resolutely positive. This, combined with healthy investment and resilient jewellery demand, created a supportive environment for gold prices. Source

Unleashing the power of AI: a paradigm shift in the jewelry industry

“The jewelry industry is experiencing a profound metamorphosis as it embraces the boundless possibilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This reshaping of the industry is having an impact on sustainability, jewelry design innovation, renewable energy focus and the overall customer experience.” Source

First pre-CIBJO Congress 2023 Special Report released, considers the evolution seen in the marketing of jewellery With fewer than seven weeks to go to the opening of the 2023 CIBJO Congress in Jaipur, India, on October 3, 2023, it reviews the changes that have taken place in the way jewellery is marketed, and provides pointers about what will be required moving forward. Source

propel your business
to new heights


Screenshot 2023-08-11 144451.png

Are you a Womenpreneur who has  what it takes to make your business succeed - but who needs some extra support?

Jacaranda FM and Access Bank are joining forces in a drive to elevate female entrepreneurs, empower women and shape success in business. With this event, we hope to shine a spotlight on successful women-led businesses, sharing their inspiring stories to motivate and inspire others. Click HERE for all the information.

LM-0720-007 (1).jpg

Voyage of discovery: the call of Afrika  #incrediblejourney

Words by Jewellery Afrika's global curator Niyati Mendapara 


In the world of design, cross-cultural inspirations have long served as drivers of innovation, creating designs that transcend borders and connect us all.


One such visionary is Jennifer Maxwell, a name now synonymous with the jewellery industry, who embarked on a remarkable journey from being a doctor to becoming a jeweller. Her experiences in Afrika and her deep connections with its people have paved the way for a unique collection that speaks of unity, compassion, and ethical beauty.


The call of Afrika 

Jennifer's voyage began as a healthcare provider in Afrika, where she travelled to Kenya, opening her eyes to a world of grace, joy, and hospitality. Years later, as she moved into the world of jewellery, she reconnected with her old friend from Afrika and found herself inspired by the beaded creations of Afrikan women. This gave birth to her extraordinary collection, 'Amani,' featuring disk pendants adorned with graduated pavé diamonds and engraved with the word 'peace' in Swahili.


Honouring artistry and resilience 

Jennifer's designs go beyond mere aesthetics; they encapsulate her profound connection to Afrika and its people. Having provided medical aid in villages across Afrika, Haiti, and Cambodia, she saw firsthand the artistry and resilience of the communities she encountered. Through her jewellery, Jennifer seeks to honour their spirit, offering a tangible symbol of unity and compassion to the world.


Ethical beauty at the heart of creation 

One remarkable aspect of Jennifer Maxwell's work is her commitment to using only ethically sourced gemstones in her hand-fabricated collections. She meticulously hand-selects each gemstone, looking for unique variations of colours and inclusions that speak to her. This conscientious approach ensures that every piece she creates resonates with authenticity and love. 

A return to roots 

Jennifer's journey came full circle when she had the opportunity to travel back to Afrika, this time with Monica Stephenson and Gem Legacy. Reconnecting with the miners and cutters who tirelessly work to unearth these gifts of nature reinforced her resolve to infuse her creations with genuine passion and love for humanity.

A tale of unity through jewellery 

The Amani collection stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural connections and the ability of jewellery to tell profound stories. Jennifer's jewellery not only celebrates the beauty of design but also serves as a bridge between cultures, fostering understanding, and empathy across borders.

Through her designs, she has woven the vibrant threads of different cultures into breathtaking jewellery which reminds us all of the interconnectedness of our world. In each piece she designs, Jennifer embodies the spirit of her experiences, bridging continents and hearts with her remarkable creations.

Visuals with thanks and acknowledgment Amani Collection — Leigh Maxwell Jewelry

Meet Niyati Mendapara, Jewellery Afrika's global curatori


 Niyati is a dynamic professional with an illustrious career spanning over 6+ years in the jewellery industry. What started as a humble journey as a designer has evolved into a multifaceted role as a strategist, consumer researcher, and entrepreneur.

Read more about Niyati

Screenshot 2023-08-10 112943.png

Emerging talent from Afrika: the world takes note  #jck2023


Our global curator Niyati Mendapara, reports from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Afrika has long been a cradle of the jewellery industry, from its rich gemstone mines to its abundant supply of precious metals. But beyond the economic significance, the continent's art, culture, and style have profoundly influenced the world of jewelry design.


Throughout history, Afrika's elements have served as a wellspring of inspiration for artists and sculptors, evolving into modern interpretations in the realm of jewellery. Today, a new generation of talented Afrikan designers is infusing fresh flavors with their design abilities and culturally diverse sensibilities, elevating heritage and aesthetics to global acclaim.


Recently, the spotlight fell on Afrika's burgeoning jewelry talent at JCK 2023, where the Afrika pavilion showcased an enthralling display of creativity, enthusiasm, and artistry. International visitors and buyers eagerly embraced the offerings from these emerging designers. The Limpopo Jewellery Business Incubator was one.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 113036.png

The Limpopo Jewellery Business Incubator (LJBI), a purpose-driven organisation committed to creating economic opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities. LJBI's focus is on nurturing and supporting emerging businesses, with an emphasis on introducing technological innovations. Through their efforts, they seek to inspire a shift in national perspectives on small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs), generating sustainable employment opportunities.


LJBI goes beyond the boundaries of traditional jewellery design. By fostering a nurturing environment, the organisation empowers budding entrepreneurs to thrive, driving economic growth and transforming lives. LJBI's forward-thinking approach not only seeks to reshape the jewellery industry but also to make a significant social impact by promoting inclusivity and economic empowerment. The world is taking notice of these efforts, as Afrikan jewellery talent emerges as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage. 


The continent's profound impact on art, culture, and style continues to evolve, influencing and inspiring the world of jewelry design. As these designers continue to uplift heritage and aesthetics to global

tastes, the future of the jewellery industry shines brightly with the brilliance of Afrika's emerging talent.

Calendar #savethedate

Include your event in our calendar, email


Until 20 December: Art Jewellery Exhibition, presented by the Jewellery Village. Visit Shop 79, Montecasino, Fourways, South Africa


19-23: BRICS Trade Fair, Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, South Africa

25-27: Africa Fashion Week, Amsterdam


01-03: Handmade Contemporary Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa

03-04: Jewellex Afrika, Johannesburg, South Africa

12-14: Lagos Fashion Fair, Nigeria

26-28: All fashion Sourcing, Cape Town, South Africa


03: CIBJO World Jewellery Confederation Congress, Jaipur, India

09-11: Textile Expo, Algiers, Algeria

17-19: Cairo Fashion & Tex, Cairo, Egypt

17-19: MWC Kigali, Nigeria

23-29: Africa Fashion Week, London


01-04: MTC Windhoek Fashion Week

03-06: Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week (ASFW), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

13-16: Africa Tech Festival, Cape Town, South Africa

14-16: Africa Com, Cape Town, South Africa

15-17 November: Morocco FashionTex Style, Casablanca, Morocco


01-03: Swahili Fashion Week, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

15-25: Tunisian Furniture, Decoration and Crafts Fair, Sfax, Tunisia

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